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Existing Clients


If you’ve already been patch tested and have an account with The Brow Artist, simply click ‘Book Appointment’ below to log into your MindBody account where you can schedule, reschedule, cancel or amend bookings 24/7/365! If you have any issues at all, please drop us a line through the Contact Us form or on and our team would be delighted to help.

New Clients


If you’re visiting The Brow Artist for the first time, please note that you’ll need to complete a patch test with us in-studio before we can book any tinting appointments. By clicking the ‘Book Appointment’ button below, you’ll be asked to create an account with MindBody (our verified booking software) and then you can book your patch test for a time that suits you! Once the test is completed in person, we can book your first appointment at the desk in BrowHQ, and all your Online Booking privileges will be fully activated for future bookings.


Note: You won’t be able to book any brow appointments online until your patch test is completed!


Or if you’d like to start with just a Shape-Only Appointment (no tinting), just pop us an email on or send us a quick note in the Contact Us section and we’ll be delighted to book it for you manually. You then have the option to complete a patch test at this appointment to avail of tinting treatments in future!



We look forward to seeing you soon at BrowHQ!

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