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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that The Brow Artist is now Ireland's Official REN Skincare Facial Specialist! 


REN Facials are different in that every treatment is uniquely tailored into a 'Bespoke Facial'. This means that EVERY facial is customised and adapted to each individual client - taking into consideration your skincare concerns, ensuring YOU get the results you want! 🏻


Our incredible REN Skincare Specialist Andi also incorporates facial massage, facial cupping and extractions (only in the 90 minutes treatment), to get your skin super clean and pampered ‍♀


We're offering three treatment options: 30 minutes (€45), 60 minutes (€80) or 90 minutes (€120) for a serious treat! 


Our REN Bespoke Facials combine veteran facialist experience with REN's amazing high-tech clean skincare. This is a total game-changer in the Irish beauty industry and we're so excited to be at the forefront!

  • 30 Minute Bespoke REN Facial  (In-depth skin analysis, cleanse, mask, massage, product recommendations)  €45

  • 60 Minute Bespoke REN Facial  (In-depth skin analysis, cleanse, mask, facial cupping, face and shoulder massage, product recommendations)  €80

  • 90 Minute Bespoke REN Facial (In-depth skin analysis, cleanse, mask, steaming, extractions, facial cupping, face and shoulder massage, product recommendations)  €120


Dermaplanning is an incredible new treatment whereby a scalpel-like blade is used to remove the dead skin that sits on the surface of the skin that can make it appear dull and congested. It’ll also remove off any peach fuzz hair on the face or jaw-line, leaving a more radiant, smoother complexion. The process is pain-free and will normally take 30-45 mins. This can  be combined with a REN facial or a brow and lash treatment.             







Californian(extended bikini)


Basic Bikini


Body sugaring:

Full legs

Half legs


Full arm

Lower arm

Lower back

Abdomen sugaring

Facial sugaring:

Upper lip




Full face


Male sugaring:

Full back/Chest

Half back/chest

Full Arm

Lower arms/upper arms

Underarm sugaring

Full leg sugaring

Half legs


























Choose any 2 treatments and get 10% off


Choose any 3 treatments or more and get 15% off